Sean Hagerty
Surgeon - Army


Surgeon: Mr. Sean Hagerty

       The Post Surgeon shall be the chairman of the Health Committee and, with the assistance of such others as may be appointed by the Commander, he shall promote and put into effect health programs for the benefit of his Post and the community.  He shall perform such other duties as are usually incident to the office or as may from time to time be required of him by the laws and usages of this organization or lawful orders from proper authority.

       Contact Post Surgeon for all assistance requests for hospitalizations, service requests for disabled Veterans and their families, or any other general needs from the post.


                                    Phone: 571-432-8341

                             Mon-Fri:  0800-1700 email (no cell phone in SCIF)

                             Sat-Sun:  1000-1600 email or phone

                             Emergency:  Anytime, any means.